Friday, February 26, 2016

I missed it by a day

Stop right there!!! Do not think too far, I mean posting on here.

I forgot to blog yesterday and I feel so bad about it. I planned not to miss posting on Thursdays'. It is just one day of the week I have to post right? So why would I forget or be too tired to post about something or anything.

So this is me saying SORRY.

Back to business as usual.

I have had this thought stuck up somewhere in my head on how I want to be so many things to different people so I started on one section of that. I started sewing clothes so I sewed my first cloth last week and I wore it to church. I felt so proud wearing that outfit because I wore what I made from scratch to finish. I feel so great I made something despite my very tight schedule at work I could create time to do something I love, I am going on to the next one which will be to learn French and get myself certified in some good course. God help me as I take this leap of faith.

This is what my first cloth looks like

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