Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine is a fantasy

I never know what tingle people feel when it is valentine. Ladies have new hairstyle, gents get fresh hair cut and a whole lot more.

What is it about? I really don't know what valentine is. There has always been a hype about that day. It is a regular day for me, the sun rises and sets at its designated time. Work goes on as usual no holiday is given by the state or governing authority.

Why would you want to ruin so much for so little. You spend the money you don't have to get the things you don't need. Why go for a dinner date that will cost you a fortune? When you can share that money on food item and clothing with some kids down town. Well that is my thought around "Valentine" after all it is supposed to be a celebration of love, you might not agree with my school of thought though.

Some guys get to be young fathers that day, others get messed up for a long time because they will be running on debts. Some girls would get pregnant that evening and might never recover from the shock of what they would be doing to themselves.

Well enough said for a night. I will spend valentine with the people who matter the most.  Good thing it falls on a Sunday so I will be in church all day, go for a another fellowship in the evening and get gifts for family members.

Yaaay that's a good valentine for me.

Please share how you will spend your valentines day. Don't worry, I won't judge you.

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