Friday, June 24, 2016

Matured friendship

Friendship has evolved over time just like technology, food, cloth, shelter and almost everything in our world.

Well, matured friendship is what you and I need to grow in this evolving world. Things have since changed from the way we know then and friendship is not an exception. We almost never visit our friends and even if we do we are always talking about this picture on instagram or that video on Facebook or those stories on Snapchat. We are so engrossed with the social media craze, that if we are not hosting about them we are taking selfies to post on them.

We have lost basic friendship, please do not let us lose matured friendship. Let's keep in touch with friends and families on social media and beyond. 

Friendship can be very intresting, amazing and even thrilling but it also comes with its own warcry. It's a norm for friends to misunderstand each other but that doesn't mean blocking each other, especially on social media. It only means we are social media controlled if we do that. Let's not be robotic in our approach to handling issues. We are humans, let us talk and not block. Let us gist and blacklist.

It's only human to cherish and grow friendship, our friends and families are the best of God's creation you can have and they are irreplaceable. They were made by God to guide and guard us in the right direction. We can never have friends and families enough.

A sign of matured friendship is knowing we are going to be wrong and wronged. It is maturity to understand that we need to be corrected and also correct, and not everything should be taken as an offense to our character. 

Everyone needs a friend, and even more.

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