Friday, September 30, 2016

I went a day without complaining.

So lately I realized I had complained and whined more than I talked, it was affecting my work, friendship and my devotion with God. I knew I had to stop complaining, whining and fault finding because God didn't like it neither did my friends not colleagues.

So my first day of intentionally not complaining started out great till I got to the hospital, I was asked to get a queue number I did get that, waited patiently as I read a book. While reading, a staff of the hospital asked me to follow him as there was a doctor who was not attending to anyone on another floor. I went there with him with the anticipation to get attended to and get back to work in time. On getting there I asked "where is the doctor?" He quietly replied "Sorry madam, person don enter her office" this means sorry, someone is in the office to see the doctor. I then responded "why did you let me come down if..." I literally lost my speech there, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me "no complaints, not today" that was it I sat and smiled. I am sure the guy will be wondering what went wrong, some other lady across the passage had a big frown but the moment I smiled she smiled too.

Well, I happened to sit beside a little boy and his mum we exchanged pleasantries and I continued reading my book. Somehow as we waited, another lady in hijab walked by with her son, this other boy would not walk past, he stopped, smiled and stretched his hand to get some of the biscuits the kid beside me was eating, it was then I quickly reached for my phone to capture this beautiful moment of border less and uncompromising love.

This teaches me a lot, you share joy when you don't complain, people get comfortable around you and more importantly you see the beauty in humanity. Had it been I flared up or complained I will be in a downcast mood to have noticed the beautiful show of love happening around me and I will have missed out on letting the lady across the hallway smile at my smile. Lol cliche right? But I mean it.

PS: Do not complain today, I mean try it is hard and you will get tempted to but please don't fall for the temptation.

PSS: Sometimes for us to stop complaining we have to caught out some folks from our lives, people that trigger anger and complaints are not worth sinning and getting moody over. Just move on already.


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