Friday, October 21, 2016

Arik Airline could be good after all

I have heard my friends and colleagues say all sort of things about Arik Airline (People and service) trust me it was not great atall, but today that perception changed.

When I flew I was somewhat downcast and tired, I tried smiling to cover it up. I was sitting on my seat when this pretty hostess walked to me and asked if I was okay? I replied saying "I am fine", she smiled and said "you look tired". I couldn't hide anymore my cover was bursted. So I said "yes, I was tired". She asked if she could get me water I said "yes". Who refuses water? Well she got me a cup of water and said "I hope you feel better".

For me that was healing, I didn't need more than that at point to feel relaxed and better. Sometimes all we need to do is ask.

PS: Don't judge all by the actions of some.
PSS: People watch you and know when you are tired 😅

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