Saturday, October 7, 2017

Update your life's inventory

When I wrote this topic my thoughts were everywhere as I didn't know the best way to explain what I mean by update your life's inventory, but I guess little examples here and there will help me explain that to you.

I recently deleted over 300 contacts from my phone, am sure some of you will be like, how many numbers does she have, well I have over 1000 phone numbers on my phone. I delete contacts from my phone frequently but I have never deleted over 30% of my contact. Some folks were like you should not have done that, you might need them some time. I am like no, I wouldn't, I have heard certain contact for over 5 years and never have I dialled those numbers neither have they called me. That makes us even we do not each other so why then do I take up space on my phone's contact list.

That was not the only place I updated my inventory, I deleted random pictures I downloaded from the web, screenshots or pictures of certain people on my phone and laptop. I cannot come and let my gadgets crash. No, please. I cant keep clogging my stuff with some memories that were never meant to be.

Live light, enjoy your life, don't let anyone or anything make you unhappy, if it causes you pain delete it if it makes you sad delete it, if it makes you moody I said delete it. DELETE! DELETE!! DELETE!!!

I have been doing a lot of restructuring here and there, my friend size has shrunk, I urge you to do same. It's better to have a few real friends than a have a bunch of fake friends. I hope you get a grasp of what I mean when I titled this post.

Friday, September 22, 2017

I can't tell you nothing

I can't tell you the war will be over soon,
I can't tell you when the killings will end,
I can't tell you terrorism will seize,
I can't tell you nothing.

I can't tell you the hurricane will end,
I can't tell you the floods will reside,
I can't tell you the landslides will stop,
I can't tell you nothing.

I can't tell you the policies will be in your favour,
I can't tell you when the strikes will be over,
I can't tell you the institutions will work effectively,
I can't tell you nothing.

I can't tell you how much it hurts me,
I can't tell you I cry to sleep thinking of this,
I can't tell you not because I fear but because,
I can't tell you nothing.

I can't tell you as much as I would love to...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

How did we get here?

How did we get here?
How did we start killing our brothers and sisters?
How did fathers start raping their daughters?
How did mothers start selling their children?

When did this craze start?
When did young men become so uncontrollable?
When did young ladies become objects of sex?
When did children become so rude and mannerless?

Why are we so greedy and selfish?
Why are we so arrogant and boastful?
Why is it okay to live a fake life?
Why is it okay to kidnap for a living?

Where did we miss it as a people?
Where did we lose our sense of humanity?
Where did the change start from?
Where did the absurdity begin?

What went wrong?
What changed our good morals?
What reformed our values?
What metamorphosed the standards?

Thursday, July 20, 2017


It's a beautiful sunny Thursday morning in the city of Abuja.

So many ideas are popping into my head this beautiful morning. In my bit  not to be confused I will write a short poem instead. Enjoy it.

The sun shines to all men,
Both young and old,
It lights our  path evenly,
It is one of the many gifts of God to mankind.

The sun shines to all men,
Some lay on the beach enjoying it as it hits their back,
Some work with it, doing what they know best,
Others enjoy its effect on their pictures.

The sun shines to all men,
It shines again this day,
Hopefully you make the best of its light and rays,
It will shine tomorrow like it shone yesterday.
Its God's gift to mankind, What do you make out of it?

Friday, July 14, 2017


When I was younger I had told myself I will be married at a certain age, but the reasons I wanted to get married were not rigid they ranged from parental pressure, age, societal demand, infatuation, physical appearance, educational attainment to social status of the intended spouse.

Things have since changed. I wonder if people got married because of some the reasons I stated, I hope no one does though, because it will be a disaster. So am really curious to know why people get married.

Kindly drop your your comments below.

Thank you.

Live your life

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else´s life.” This quote by Steve Jobs sums up my thoughts lately, as I have been doing a lot rethinking on some of my motives. 

I really don't want to be an individual that passes through life like another. I want to live a legacy and when i mean legacy I don't mean some structures here and there, I mean a legacy in the hearts of many. I want my story to be told generation after generation, my good works should be seen by children yet unborn, I want my impact felt around the globe. I want to be remembered as an icon who graced the earth in glamour and style. Role model to many even when am gone. 

That's the kind of life I want you to begin to live. I want you to know it's never too late to start living it doesn't matter what the last 20 or 60 years have being. Start living the dream today. Start making impact today, start touching lives today, start changing the course of your life today if it has not been on the right track before. Just Live.

Live your life you got just one. 

Friday, June 30, 2017


It starts from your perception it's almost never seen because you can't tell it from your actions at the early stages.

You would always hide under the facade of smiles, make up or social media hype. You know you are burdened, you know you are weak and frail but never will you accept that. You can't share that pain with anyone, you sometimes can't even tell what it is but you know you are being drained by a more powerful negative energy. That energy is depression.
It happens to the best of us. Nobody is totally immune. Once you feel some form of negativity please and please seek help. Don't shy away, don't hide it, because it won't hide you. Depression makes the strongest man as jelly. Talk to people regularly, don't hide from the world, don't be a lone ranger.  We are humans, we are relational beings. God made us so, you can't change that. Association is necessary for achieving success in life as well as combating that demon called depression.

P.S. This was my response to a friend who asked me what depression is to me.

I will appreciate more practical definitions please.

Thank you.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Make new wins

Don't let old wins keep you from making new wins, I mean of what value is it that you finished University at 19 with a first class if that's all you have in your name and you are 22 now. Make new strides, do new things, win new stuff, get more degrees.

So many folks I know, myself inclusive glow in our old wins. We boast about it for too long ignoring the new wins we have for grabs. Opportunities pass us daily but we are so soaked in our old wins we ignore the juicy and saucy offers we have laid at our door step.

Find new challenges daily, tackle them, let your wins be continual then that is success. Don't baske in your one time old glory and think the lights will always be on you.

The earth rotates daily so is the world moving. Don't be a guy or girl with only old wins. Every year/month/day do something phenomenal. Be phenomenal let everything you do be phenomenal. Never stop learning, never stop getting certificates. Get as much as you can, build your C.V.
Don't stay in that 9-5 job year in year out getting only promotions. Go out and make it big, make a name for yourself. Do something with your life. Above all leave a legacy for the unborn generation.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Time changes everyone

Time changes everyone,
People learn and grow,
Bad habits are dropped,
Good habits are picked.

Time changes everyone,
People realize their undoings,
People see their wrongdoings,
People continue their doings.

Time changes everyone,
People get bored,
People want something new,
People get changed.

Time changes everyone,
People want to apologize,
People change their behavior,
People learn and grow.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Don't dwell in sin

Please do not dwell in sin, no matter what benefits it offers. Doing this might cost you a relationship, friendship, scholarship, internship or whatever kind of 'ship'.

Nothing is worth you going to hell for. Please take a 180-degree turn and face God squarely, there is nothing you lose to sin God won't give you much more for if only you believe and work right with God today.

There are countless times we lose sight of what we ought to do when we fall, we become confused, we want to continue living right with God, but then sin drags you closer to itself and entices you with its vanity.

You will feel less committed to the things of God, you feel lost, you are sad but you don't want to go back to doing right. The devil tells "you are not righteous and you will not be welcomed to God's kingdom", he will show you the many things that glitter on the ungodly path you have started on.

Please, dear sister and brother, don't let the fear of losing out stop you from turning back and continuing on the christian race.

Stand up and walk back to God, remember Jesus didn't come for the righteous, He came for the ungodly, who have fallen. It is better you rise and walk with God today than regret burning in hell for eternity because of the fear of what people will say. It is a personal race, not a general race.

I beg you please repent and work right with God, it can never be late if you are still alive, please repent, it doesn't matter what your sin is, doesn't matter what you did last month, last week, yesterday, 3 hours ago or two minutes back, I have come to tell you "God loves you still and he doesn't want you to dwell in sin".

Please pray for God to forgive you and truly He will. He will wash you clean and through. 

Make friends

Make as many friends as you can, but keep only a few.
Yes I said that because you should:

Smile at the janitor when you walk into the office,
Commend the guard at the gate,
Buzz your whats-app contacts as much as you can,
Say hello to the man jugging on the other side of the road.

Make as many friends as you can, but keep only a few
I mean this because you could:

Pray for the people on your contact list,
Give alms to the beggars on the streets,
Buy food for your colleagues at work,
Tell your folks you love them.

Make as many friends as you can, but keep only a few

You might not get the smile back,
You will not always get compliments,
You will sometimes be ignored by your whats-app contact,
The man jugging might just ignore you.
Not everyone on your contact will pray for you,
You might never get free lunch at work,
Your folks might not say "I love you too"

Make as many friends as you can, but keep only a few
because in the end you are the only person who knows who the true friends are, don't let the feedback and responses you get from the world change who you are or who you can be.
Some folks act sweet and nice to you today and act bitter and cold tomorrow, don't let that change how you act to them.

So you will have many friends but you will be friends to a few, those few are the ones you should keep dearly,

You know those to keep, you don't need a magic wand to tell who the friends to keep are.
There are not so many friends in ones life, when you find them, keep them, grow them and let them grow you too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Solving disputes

Growing up as a child as made me come to terms with the fact that, they will always be disputes amidst friends, schoolmates, family members, lovers and what have you.

Some dispute more complex than others, some more simpler to solve amidst the parties while others require third-party 'settlers'. So this brings me to the reason of this post.

I think people who are selected to solve disputes and conflicts should

a) Not be biased,
b) Listen to both parties (Not in the absence of any member of the party)
c) Listen carefully
d) Re-listen and ask questions
e) Not give instant judgement or conclusions
f) Ask God for directions and wait to hear from God to decide on what to do (It could be immediately)

Credit: Google images

Set the rules

So I hear people say "you can't set the rules" but hey that is the mistake most people make, they confuse rules for regulations.

There is a thin line between rules and regulation the dictionary might not give you, but you will find it in Timi's diary which is rules are self-defined while regulations are organization-defined or government-set.

So you set the rules for yourself and obey the set regulations. That been said, do not let the world set rules for you on relationships, ethics, dining, walking, fashion and every other facet of your life. That is why it is your life, live it and live it truly.

These are a few examples of rules you might have heard overtime...
Relationships: The world will say you have to have sex with your significant order to proof that you love them,
Ethics: They say no one has moral standards anymore so just do as you wish.
Dining: They say you have to use the fork and knife /I am comfortable with my hand while tearing that chicken wing joor/
Walking: They say you have to take the right foot first
Fashion: They say you lack class if you choose not to wear heels.
...and the list is endless

So my point is this, let God be the anchor of your life, don't row on the boat paddled by the world and live by the rules the world has set.

PS: Ask God for directions daily because with God the rules come afresh but will never contradict the word of GOD.

Credit: Google Images