Saturday, October 7, 2017

Update your life's inventory

When I wrote this topic my thoughts were everywhere as I didn't know the best way to explain what I mean by update your life's inventory, but I guess little examples here and there will help me explain that to you.

I recently deleted over 300 contacts from my phone, am sure some of you will be like, how many numbers does she have, well I have over 1000 phone numbers on my phone. I delete contacts from my phone frequently but I have never deleted over 30% of my contact. Some folks were like you should not have done that, you might need them some time. I am like no, I wouldn't, I have heard certain contact for over 5 years and never have I dialled those numbers neither have they called me. That makes us even we do not each other so why then do I take up space on my phone's contact list.

That was not the only place I updated my inventory, I deleted random pictures I downloaded from the web, screenshots or pictures of certain people on my phone and laptop. I cannot come and let my gadgets crash. No, please. I cant keep clogging my stuff with some memories that were never meant to be.

Live light, enjoy your life, don't let anyone or anything make you unhappy, if it causes you pain delete it if it makes you sad delete it, if it makes you moody I said delete it. DELETE! DELETE!! DELETE!!!

I have been doing a lot of restructuring here and there, my friend size has shrunk, I urge you to do same. It's better to have a few real friends than a have a bunch of fake friends. I hope you get a grasp of what I mean when I titled this post.