Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trip to Kenya

That week went by so fast.

Running late to catch my flight, because I had to get a new passport as the old one was less than 6 months and this could mean been deported. This is why I had to go late for the program that was scheduled to start on Monday, I went to the airport from the immigration office. I ran to the gates, checked in verbally went to change my flights, transferred money before officially checking in.  It was a roller coaster.

Then I got to Ethopia, had to wait for three hours before joining the flight heading to Kenya, I did have my bottle of water to hold on to and my fur jacket to keep me warm. 

On gettting to Kenya at 1:00 AM, I forgot how tired I was and started taking pictures of the beautiful airport. I settled into my room at the apartment by 4:00 AM, the security told me the bus to the program venue will leave by 6:30 AM, this made me wake up by 6:00 AM only for the bus to leave by 7:30 AM, I sure should have gotten an extra hour of sleep. Well Thank God for the strong awesome Kenyan tea that kept my sleepy eyes open during that day's program. 

I sure tried out Kenyan meals, they looked really nice and tasted even nicer but it didn't have the Nigerian kind of spice, the one that made you gulp a glass of water after every spoon of food. So I know better to travel with my spice to East Africa. 

By the second day I felt a lot better and so I hit the gym but sadly no one was feeling the fitfam with me, I was there alone so I used gym equipment I was familiar with, no time for stories that touch. 

I did take some pictures with colleagues from other startups from across Africa. 

A picture with a member of #Swiftvee (a South African Agrictech company), a quick selfie with a colleague from #Teheca (An Ugandan patient care service company).

A group picture of my teammates from Thrive Agric (An Agrictech company that provides farmers with inputs and premium market) with our Start-Up Success Manager and the Chief Technology Officer of #Twigafoods (A strategic company that processes and distributes #banana among other farm produce)

So we visited "the banana island" of Kenya = Twiga foods.
Picture 1: With the banana trophy 🏆
Picture 2: With my Ugandan colleague and a healthy bunch of bananas
Picture 3: Selfie with some #OMGGhana team members
Picture 4: Selfie with #BabyMigo Team member
Picture 5: Ugandan X Tanzanian X Nigerian
Picture 6: Eating our bananas on our way back *yummy tummy filling bananas*
Picture 7: Beautiful Train Station
Picture 8: Kenyan Meal
Picture 9: My happy Banana face
Picture 10: Back at the #Ihub still happy.

A quick selfie with my teammates at the #ihub. A picture of me and my Kenyan sister, a quick shot at Twiga Food with the truck and I saw Avengers: Infinity War in Century Cinemax at Garden City Nairobi in 3D.

In addition to these, I started listening to Tiffany Haddish's The last Black Unicorn. I listened to Simon Sinek's Why Leaders Eat Last on my return flight. I read Sheryl Sandberg Lean in it was an awesome read and Lean startup by Eric Ries.

The laws of Marriage by Olusola Areogun was a great devotional read, I recommend it for singles and couples. #readathon #bookaddict #bookstagram #bookclub

#Kenya #Google #Launchpad

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