Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Without my buddy

So I have a buddy at work, it's my earpiece or headset as some folks would call it.
I always bring it with me to work from home, it's not like I listen to music a lot or motivational podcast or comedy or whatever it could be, rather I love having those tiny things stuck in my ears to allow me to enjoy my solitude at work.

It's amazing what it does for me.
- I feel like am blocked out from the world.
- Not listening to the chit-chats from folks,
- I have to be tapped when my attention is needed because they think I am listening to something.

That feeling is golden.
I have it on sometimes and nothing is even playing into my ears but at the same time, I can't hear what is being said around me. I am let alone with my earpiece on.

But today I left it at home, I almost told the taxi to take me back to get it, though I let it go, let's see what the day would be without my buddy, the earpiece/headphone.

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