Thursday, January 16, 2020

My teacher ate my lunch

Okay, not in a greedy or manipulative way. She actually helped me.

When I was younger up until a few years ago now I hate seeing onions in my food. Unlike my mama, she loves to see it as much as she loves to eat it. I try to eat onions when it is blended or raw and thinly sliced with Nigerian suya, you'll get this if you are like me. If my onions are not in suya or blended into the food. You will see me pick out the onions or set it aside on my plate.

Photo source: BBC 

Let's go to the main gist, I was 4 or so in nursery school and I will always pick out the onions from my food bowl. I got home most days tired in the afternoon forgetting the separation techniques I had performed in school but my mum's scream and whip will help me remember in a flash.
This happened always, somedays I was asked to eat the already cold onions. Ohhhh I hated onions so much more eating the picked out cold ones.

On one fateful day in class, my teacher saw me crying as the onion portion in my plates had miraculously doubled so it was even harder to perform my well-known technique.

With a heart(stomach) full of love(hunger) she offered to help me eat my food. I knew what this meant if I had no capri-sonne which I mostly never had. I wouldn't have anything for lunch but at this point, I had to make a choice of either eating cold onions which sometimes had a good portion of the food after being whipped or having an empty clear plate with nothing to eat and no whipping after school. I choose the latter and as they say, the rest is history.

My mum is a caterer, and am sure my teacher must have had a good serve of La Miam food but I didn't care my well-prepared lunch was going for nothing. I was happy she helped me with my food as my mum would see an empty plate and be glad I ate all of my food and the onion.

Thank you, teacher, wherever you are. I don't know how I survived my 2 to 3 years in that school without lunch on days when I had onion-filled food. God must have pumped my stomach up by some sort of miracle.

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