Saturday, December 4, 2021


Something beautiful happened on the second day at work (most recent job). I had finished work, hopped on the train, and got off; to begin my 10-minute drive home. 

Well here is what happened, I was coming out of my parking spot to take a right turn, and a car from the left let me go; I had not driven for up to 50 metres (still in the train station) when another car from my left was trying to get on the road. I also let that go ahead of me as someone had just let me get ahead of them.

It gets interesting when all three cars in toll stop, more like the car I let go, stopped so a pedestrian could cross at the roundabout just before the main road. 

It is almost impossible to see a kindness chain go so fast. It all happened in under 2 minutes—the fastest I have seen.

A white paper with the hashtag be kind, laying beautifully in a lush green leafy garden
Photo by Lisa from Pexels

I also learnt that kindness sometimes is not giving tangible gifts, I know time is precious, but it could be as simple as waiting for someone or doing nothing sometimes. 

I hope you pay kindness forward today, tomorrow, and maybe next week. 

Love and Light.


Long time blog

 Hey blog,

I know you really don't know if I write here or not.

I have been away for so long growing other parts of my career and even starting a business.

I have not stopped writing, I have only stopped publishing. 

I don't know why though. 

I hope to get the ginger on and begin publishing.