Friday, January 9, 2015

love letter

So There is something new on some letter writing stuff I subsribed to. When it comes to writing you can never get it  wrong. So yesterday it was love letter writing day. This is my love letter.
Dear lover,
When I am near you, I feel like am at my best, that feeling is unbeatable.
When I am apart from you. I feel like am fallible and imperfect.
I adore the way you talk, walk, sit, eat, sleep, smile, and your charisma incomparable and I feel completely perfect when you are around.
I don't think you realize how absolutely adorable you are when you laugh, the whole world gets excited with your bright gleaming grin.
Thank you for being my sweet heart, my darling friend, my coco bunny that's a special name we both know the meaning, and my true love.
I love you.

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