Friday, March 4, 2016

Never dying joy

I woke up the best I ever thought I could be today, like a new bride basking in the joy of the previous days' ceremony. I had no thoughts or worries on my mind. The joy kept growing even as I ran the streets of Abuja under the hot scorching sun with sweat running through my half baked skin, I still had the unwavering joy in my heart.

I wonder what makes a lady like me so happy? Then I realise it is not me that makes myself happy but a power greater and better that doesn't look at my present state but puts me in a state I should be.

I am that young girl that is always happy next door. Little wonder why my colleagues would ask 'Rotimi do you ever have a down time?' Well you have your answer here: No.

I am always happy not because I have it all but because in Gods' guided imaginations I have it all. If you can imagine it then you can create that which would guide you and keep you happy. Did I forget to say, being happy should not be a state of your life but it should be your life and its important to rely and trust God for everything for we can do nothing of our own accord.