Friday, April 29, 2016

Weaponless war

Will you join me?

I want to ignite a War. Not with weapons or fist, not with threats or words.
I want to start a War. I want you all to join me

Without purpose, life will be without a trajectory
Without purpose, life will be without a course

Everyone has a purpose in life, but when one supercedes the other by compulsion, then one's purpose is destroyed.

The purpose of cattle is for beef
The purpose of farm is for food

When the rearer's purpose travails, forcefully, over the farmer's purpose, then their purpose is purposeless since at all cost they feed their cattle. Even if it cost a human life.

Thus, I want to ignite a War called BEEF FAST. Yes Beef fast

I won't eat beef because of this reasons
1. The cattle rearers kill my brothers and sisters because they want their cattle to graze on our farmland but we have refused because our farm lands are our source of livelihood
2. The cattle rearers do this for the cattle which will later become beef in our plates and bowls

I won't eat that beef from that cow that cost another person's life.

I don't know if am taking this too far but if you and I won't eat their beef from their cattle then we have stopped their source of livelihood.

If we won't and can't fight them back with machetes and axes, we can fight what they fight and kill for

If that's all we do then we have fought a good fight.


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