Thursday, July 21, 2016


War kills the young
War knocks off the old
War mutilates the man
War slaughters the woman

The brave frightens the fearful
The strong threatens the weak
The mighty causes brittle in the feeble
The wimp's courage never sees daylight

It is war that destroys everything
It is war that takes over cities
It is war that ruins countries
It is war that maims people

It is merciless, unpleasant and unfair
It is vicious, fierce and ferocious
It is brutal, barbaric and uncivilized
It is cruel, It is war

We may know how it started
We may know when it started
We may know where it started
We may know who started it

Some tried to end it with weapons
Others use # tags on social media
Yet a few physically protest
I want to end war with peace

When do you want to end this war?
How do you want to end war?
Without assurance, peace has been used
Cause it has never been used to fight war

It is war and it is on.

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