Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fear begets Lie

So I was on a road trip early in the week, and the driver was sporting out things from his mouth. Out of fear of being spat on, I told him to be careful as he had spat on me. Immediately I said that the Holy Spirit cautioned me as I had just lied, so I told him he didn't spit on me but he should be careful so he doesn't spit on me. I then thought retrospectively for every lie I told, it was out of fear of one thing or the other. I didn't want to know what the after effect will be so I lied to prevent the negative outcome I had feared. Then it dawned on me. I lie because I am afraid, and I  am assuming that for everyone. If you think deeply, you lie out of fear, it could be fear of losing out of something good or fear of not been tagged as whimp or fear of not been asked to redo your task. It all boils down to fear, If my assumption works across board.
Fear surely does beget lie.‎

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