Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Blurry pictures

I recently started taking pictures of beautiful flowers, trees and structures around town, however when I am walking briskly, or in a moving vehicle, my camera can't focus on the trees, the pictures I capture end up being blurry.

I initially deleted the blurry pictures from my phone but over time I have left them as they equally have their abstract beauty.

It didn't take long to learn a lesson or two from the blurry pictures on my phone, sometimes the current snapshot of our lives looks blurry and doesn't have that obvious beauty we seek, but over time we will appreciate the blurriness and the abstractness of those pictures of our life as they make us grateful for the clear high definition pictures we are used to. A blurry picture could be anything in your life that is far from perfect, we all have them and we hope they go away and get better and clearer but while they are there rather than delete them like they don't exist let us stop to improve them like take a pause when walking, hop from the bus or wait for the bus to stop so we get a clearer picture.

A blurry picture of a beautiful tree doesn't mean the tree is ugly or unsteady it only means the picture was not well captured so are those moments in our lives, our beauty doesn't disappear because of one blurry image. Do not let a particular picture of you, define who you are, you are much more than that picture, I mean that situation, job or whatever it is will get clear. You will excel and a better photograph will be taken at another time and then you will understand why that blurry picture was part of the gallery. A blurry picture is a phase it sure will pass too.

Happy new year, stay focused and capture beautiful pictures.
Love and light.

A beautiful blurry picture
When the Jacaranda trees sprouted colourfully and I paused to capture it.

A clear picture of Cape Byron bay light house
A blurry picture of the light house

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